A new show-“Optomeqanica – the Art of the Endomeq” at the Heartspot Art Center and Gallery

I am very pleased to announce that my solo show “Optomeqanica – the Art of the Endomeq” is on display through May 1st, 2024 at the Heartspot Art Center and Gallery in East Providence.

This is an exhibition of my Virtual character vector illustrations in the form of large format inkjet prints.

The opening reception is Thursday, April 11th from 6-8 PM.

HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery 1970 Pawtucket Ave. EP
RI 02914

Lower Level Parking and Entrances in Rear. Wheelchair Accessible.

The web site for Heartspot can be seen here:

Looking forward to seeing folks at the opening!

Getting back to the site, September 2023

It has been a while since I have updated this site, but this is an excellent day to start.

There is a great deal of artwork to show from various venues and events, as well as projects- both finished and unfinished! It is finally time for me to start properly organizing and displaying it.

So please stay tuned for updates coming soon!

First Place at the Art of 4th annual Art of Darkness Exhibition

I am incredibly honored and pleased to learn that my found object assemblage sculpture “Blindspot” has been awarded First Prize by juror Sean Harrington in the Fourth Annual Art of Darkness exhibition at the Heartspot Art Center and Gallery. A huge thanks to Mr. Harrington, and of course to Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon who has done an incredible job of putting this show together!


Recent work accepted into the 34th annual RI Open

This month, I have been quite fortunate to have my work accepted into several juried exhibitions. The most recent venue has been the Warwick Center for the Arts, where juror Michael Rose accepted my found object assemblage sculpture “Regenerator” into the 34th Annual RI Open juried show.

The Art of Darkness at Heartspot, October 2020

Here is some recent work on display at the Heartspot Gallery, in East Providence, RI. Two of my sculptures were accepted into the “Art of Darkness” exhibition by juror Sean Harrington.

This piece is “Blindspot” . Media is found-object assemblage.

This piece is “Blindspot” . Media is found-object assemblage.

This piece is “Inquisitor” . Media is found-object assemblage.

This piece is “Inquisitor” . Media is found-object assemblage.

This exhibition is open to the public from October 17th through November 17th 2020.

Be sure to visit https://www.heartspotart.com/ for details!

SCAA Members show Sculpture Award 2020

In what has been a particularly difficult year, this week brought a positive development. This past month, I submitted my found object assemblage sculpture “Magistrate” to the South County Art Association’s annual Members show. This exhibition is one in which the work is eligible for prizes in various media, as awarded by an outside juror. This year, the juror for the show is Nancy Gaucher Thomas, who is well known as a highly esteemed artist and arts organizer.

Visiting the gallery, I was very honored to see that I had been awarded the Jim Visconti Award for best sculpture for my work. This award is particularly significant to me, as Jim was a friend and mentor to me back when I was a young high school art student.

There is a wonderful video available in which Ms. Gaucher Thomas talks about the show and the awards that she presented. You can see it here:

SCAA Members show 2020 Awards

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Ms. Gaucher Thomas, and to the hardworking staff and volunteers at the SCAA, who have kept going even under unusually challenging circumstances.

South County Art Association’s “Great Art Heist” 2020

Every year, the South County Art Association holds their “Great Art Heist”, a festive fundraiser in which the attendees get to choose from various artists’ works to “steal”.


While this year, the COVID-19 situation means that the event will not be an in-person experience, it will still be held online!

My contribution this year for the Art Heist will be my found object assemblage character Klarp, together with a special display case.

The original sculpture ‘Klarp’ with special display case.

In years past, My characters have found happy homes at this wonderful event, so if you might be interested in having Klarp for yourself, this is a great opportunity to register to be part of the Art Heist!

A vector illustration of Klarp, based on a 3D CAD model.

Here is a shot of the original sculpture before paint and surfaces were applied! You can see all of the different parts and pieces that he is made from.

A recent sketch of Klarp, ink and colored pencil.

A few long overdue updates

The past few months have been quite the challenge, on account of the whole COVID-19 crisis. It made the rest of the spring semester particularly difficult, and has been a period of having to make some significant adjustments.

One thing that has been changed is the entire arts community. Shows and events have been cancelled, rearranged, or retooled in theme. The majority of shows now have a primarily online presence, even when there is physical work in the gallery.

When lockdown went into effect, the South County Art Association put out a call to the membership to share an image of their work as part of the show ” Giving Art a Voice”, with the following description:

Art is a reflection of our society.
As our world changes,
so does the way we express it. 

We asked our community how their art
can communicate, inspire, and soothe
during these unprecedented times.
​This is what they shared.

The piece that I put in was my sculpture “The High Priest”

As I wrote:
“What I appreciate most about found object assemblage is the role of chance, and the power of unexpected juxtapositions and relationships. I let the pieces tell me what they want to become. Ultimately my sculptural “work” is a process of infinitely recombinant play.”

Indeed, I find that sculpting is one of the activities that I find more relaxing at this time. I’m indeed fortunate that I have the space and resources to pursue my work in this way>

On that note, the Art League Rhode Island asked their members to submit images of work created during this time as part of their show “The Trailing Quarter”.


For that show, I submitted three of my smaller character sculptures:

Following on the heels of this exhibition, Art League Rhode Island then out out the call for the show HOPE “ONward & ARTward”


For that show I buckled down to create a brand new illustration, and the resulting piece that I created and submitted is “Keeping Busy”.

“One Zero One” Exhibition

This Past Wednesday, I traveled to the  Vets in Providence for the opening reception of Art League Rhode Island‘s ‘One Zero One’ exhibition. This was a juried show based on the idea of the ambivalent relationship of the digital world to the analog world.

I had two of my pieces accepted by juror David DeMelim.

The first piece is my found object assemblage “Harbinger”

And the second piece in this show is my large format Vector Illustration “Hard Reboot”

This show runs until Friday, November 15th.