Fresh from the desktop- The newest CAD model: “Chonx”.

Alternating heat and thunderstorms make sculpting outdoors challenging this summer. Fortunately, I have plenty to keep myself busy with inside..

I just finished CAD modeling this figure in RHINO this weekend, so when I am next ready to apply epoxy Fiberglas to some of my larger sculpts, I should also be able to give his physical version a bit of resin and get him ready for painting.

A new figure from the Basement- August 2018

In the midst of cleaning and clearing my work-spaces, I’ve set for myself the condition that I will not begin any new projects, but rather will work to finish the pieces that I have inĀ variousĀ  states of completion. This past week, this little fellow finally came together, and is now ready to be CAD modeled, epoxy coated, painted and surfaced.

2018 “Great Art Heist” at the South County Art Association

One of the great annual fundraisers that I am always glad to contribute to is the Great Art Heist for the South County Art Association.

For this year, the piece that I’ve chose to donate is a figure named “Soja” who comes in a lovely decorative case that I crafted with the help of a laser cutting tool to create the logos and painted surface designs.

Say hello to Soja!

And here he is in his display case..