And a special custom project for a friend: Project L-10

One of my good friends and fellow illustrators, Ian Wells, has long shared with me his encyclopedic knowledge of comics, animation, science fiction and movie poster art. I now call him my “culture dealer” because when I visit, he always manages to find new “must see” comics, movies. TV and animation series and other wonderful stories. He himself is a very skilled illustrator and designer (RISD Illustration Dept.) and he works in Adobe Illustrator Vector graphics as well.

A few years back, he asked me if there was a way to realize one of his illustrations as an actual sculpted form. I thought this would be a marvelous challenge, and so I set to work using my found object assemblage skills accordingly. I presented this to him on his birthday, and I am pleased to say that he was quite happy with the results!

Finally back to work!

I’ve been more than busy this past year, but I finally was able to buckle down and get some much needed updates on this site. Looking at the top navigation, you’ll see a number of exciting new features including galleries of my sculptural work, my vector illustrations, and even an explanation of my basic work and process!


Now that I have been able to get the ball rolling, I hope to be able to continue updating the site with more fun material from both past and present, as well as some hints of future plans and projects..

So stay tuned!