Huge thanks to my friend Verna Valencia!

Verna Valencia: artwork photographed at her parents’ house.

Collage on paper (2018) 14 ¼ x 15 ½ in.

This past year, I was visited by a good friend who I knew from my days back as a RISD undergraduate. Verna Valencia is a skilled and dedicated painter and collage artist who regularly travels to visit and report on artists, museums and galleries. I was incredibly honored that she chose to visit my studio and create an in depth profile of my art and working process. This article is now live on her web site!

The Fascinating Work of Sculptor Krzysztof Mathews

I owe her my deepest gratitude for this wonderful attention, and I hope that in turn folks will take the time to visit ( and perhaps even find a home for) some of her marvelous artwork online!

A few updates for the first of the year- 2019!

A good but packed holiday season finally comes to an end. With it, here are a few developments I was busy with during November and December, as the semester came to a close..

Juror for the Warwick Center for the Arts

I was honored to serve as the juror for the show “Brave New World” a showcase of digital art on display at the Warwick Center for the Arts. I was quite impressed by the variety and quality of the work submitted!

As juror, I had one of my artworks on display as well- my digital print “Supercharge”

Awarded Honorable Mention at the Winter’s Eve juried show

One of the annual events that artists in the area have come to look forward to is the annual “Winter’s Eve” show hosted by the Friends of the East Greenwich Library. This year, I was pleasantly surprised to earn the award of Honorable Mention for my digital print “Finally Found it!”

So all in all, a very good season. I now look forward to the various exhibitions taking place in the coming year!