South County Art Association’s “Great Art Heist” 2020

Every year, the South County Art Association holds their “Great Art Heist”, a festive fundraiser in which the attendees get to choose from various artists’ works to “steal”.

While this year, the COVID-19 situation means that the event will not be an in-person experience, it will still be held online!

My contribution this year for the Art Heist will be my found object assemblage character Klarp, together with a special display case.

The original sculpture ‘Klarp’ with special display case.

In years past, My characters have found happy homes at this wonderful event, so if you might be interested in having Klarp for yourself, this is a great opportunity to register to be part of the Art Heist!

A vector illustration of Klarp, based on a 3D CAD model.

Here is a shot of the original sculpture before paint and surfaces were applied! You can see all of the different parts and pieces that he is made from.

A recent sketch of Klarp, ink and colored pencil.