A new Beginning

A New Beginning…

When I built my original web site, years ago, the original layout and design was created in the year 2000, with Dreamweaver 3. This was back in the days when Macromedia still was the author of the Dreamweaver, Flash, and Shockwave web programs.

At that point in time, there were a number of challenges in web design. Most folks did not have high speed access, and so web design needed to accommodate a 56k modem. Compounding this, the dominant browser at the time was Internet Explorer 6, which was seriously lacking in functionality.

As a result, I created my web site using standards that are now woefully out of date, including Web Slices (to speed image downloads) . I was also using image files for my text, as it was a right pain to try and format HTML text back in the day so that it would display with any consistency.

As you likely know, this was before CSS became a regular web feature.

Added to this, I underestimated the degree to which my web site would need to grow to accommodate new material. Adding pages became a serious endeavor, particularly with the rudimentary navigation structure I had in place.

It was a functional site, but over time it became a derelict property, like an abandoned museum with exhibits still locked in dusty cases.

Fast forward to a week ago, when the hosting service had some sort of problem, and they were forced to take down the site for a day.

At that moment, I had a choice- Should I re-upload the whole mess, or was this an opportunity to do something new..something I had been telling myself for the past three years that I need to do?

If you are here reading this, you can see what my choice was.

So what my master plan is, is as follows:

I’ve found for the past couple of years that social media has been far more effective for sharing my art and news than having a static site.
I still want to have a solid site as a steady resource, but I need time to build it properly. Thus, I shall for the time being use my Blog as the resource for my artwork and progress. This lets me work on the back end of my site without subjecting visitors to a veritable constellation of broken links and unfinished rooms.

I hope that folks will visit me here as I post news and updates from various social media channels.

The adventure begins!

Char_Palette_2005 [Converted]

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